Owner’s Representation & Development Consulting

Owner's Representation & Development Consulting

Project organization, Pre-Construction/Development, Construction, and Close Out.

KOW ARMA, is focused on owner representation. We encourage Developers, Building/Property Owners and Project Investors to look to us for professional guidance throughout the building process. From project inception through project completion, our services are focused on project planning, budget adherence/cost control, scheduling, identification and adherence to project time constraints, and change orders while meeting the quality requirements of the contract documents. We provide a level of comfort to the owner knowing their project is in the hands of a company that will treat it as if it were their own. Our vast experience helping banks and lending institutions with construction loan monitoring and property assessment services uniquely positions us to be the best representative for your next project.

KOW ARMA, is guided by the same principles, expertise, and integrity that KOW has long been known for in the construction industry.  As a company, we are exposed to 400+ projects annually.  This exposure reinforces our expertise and in-depth knowledge of the real-time potential pitfalls and cost savings while keeping us up-to-date on all new technologies and construction practices.  We add real value to a project while minimizing our clients’ stress and exposure to potential budget overruns and missed deadlines.

Our macroscopic understanding of the development process allows us to increase efficiency by coordinating all parties involved in each project from financial, architecture, engineering, construction, legal, expediting, filing, etc. and to ensure your project is completed on schedule and within budget.

  • Assist in developing an initial scope of work including a site walkthrough to assess the Building’s current physical needs.
  • Facilitate initial budget development for both hard and soft costs including estimated schedule.
  • Assist in creating a hierarchy for scope of work based on need and budget availability.
  • Assist in identifying roles & responsibilities for design professionals, consultants, and builders.
  • Prepare detailed scope of services for the design team bid process.
  • Assist in design professional review and procurement.
  • Coordinate a complete assessment of the existing building to be renovated including systems testing.
  • Aid the design team in developing a detailed scope of work.
  • Manage the design team to ensure that all the owner’s requirements are being adequately represented.
  • Research and recommend potential implementation of green energy efficient systems where cost prohibits.
  • Evaluate costs throughout design phase to recommend any potential cost savings.
  • Assist in procurement and monitoring of expediting services for all approvals and permits.
  • Assist in review and selection of appropriate delivery method and construction contracts. Work with client’s legal counsel to assist in negotiations.
  • Schedule and conduct, as required, weekly project meetings at which owner, GC, project team to discuss such matters as procedures, progress, problems scheduling, phasing and coordination with ongoing operations and other issues relevant to the successful completion of the work.
  • Review and comment on schedule for the operations of GC on the project, including realistic activity sequences and durations, allocation of labor and materials, processing of shop drawings and samples and delivery of products requiring long lead time procurement.
  • Provide regular monitoring of the schedule and safety as construction progresses. Identify and report on potential variances between scheduled and probable completion dates. Review schedule for work not started or incomplete and recommend to owner and GC adjustments in the schedule to meet their required completion date.
  • Review and analyze monthly requisitions ensuring work completion and monitoring quality control.
  • In collaboration with the architect, review and comment on all proposed Change Orders for both scope and costs.
  • Oversee and assist the design team with punch list development and completion.
  • Assist with final preparation and testing of key systems.
  • Assist with gathering all warranty and as-built documentation.
  • Monitor operations training of maintenance staff.
  • Work with the design team and expediter to coordinate all needed documentation and assist in obtaining the final Certificate of Occupancy and project closeout.
  • Assist in the verification that all attic stocks have been accounted for.
  • Assist in coordinating final payment and securing final un-conditional lien releases and any other activities that may be required to occupy the project.